Macrame stone-wrapping

I’ve always wanted to find a good way to secure and exhibit an object for jewelry. Wire-wrapping was interesting but often clunky and attention-taking. But after a tip from an exhibitor I met at a show in Cambridge, I started exploring macrame techniques. Most of those were too clunky as well, but when I figured out the general concept I was able to develop a more delicate technique that worked for my projects.


The stones are from my collection; I’ve picked them up on beaches here in New England as well as Long Island and North Carolina.


On the last trip to North Carolina I also started playing with agglomerating stones together. The process is time-consuming but I’m enjoying how it’s coming out.


One idea I’ve been playing with is to put them together in a larger necklace form, but there’s also other directions this could go as well.


Macrame bracelets

It was certainly a long winter here, and I’m glad to be taking the summer to work on some new projects, including jewelry. I started making macrame bracelets for myself to wear and got pretty excited about working in interesting beads and loom beadwork.

Macrame braceletsMacrame bracelets

Some shots of the loom in use:

Macrame braceletsMacrame bracelets

Macrame bracelets

I’ve posted one of the bracelets to Etsy—click here to see the listing, and stay tuned for more styles to come over the next few weeks!

Macrame bracelets