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  1. The Nyphrealengbe Conurbation straddles the confluence of the Yelphrates, to the North, the Arritinbe, to the southeast, and the Mosphoembe, to the southwest. Nyphrealengbe consists of some 35,071 inhabitants (as of the census of 41/4091/b/4), mostly descendents of the Lamy-Ascoyoq people from Blaieilin and Cheorrheoneo.

    Nyphrealengbe is situated on the Continent Saselimonia on the third orb Thrunnead from the lightcandle Matalmbir in the Lesser Gentle Silvergulf straddling the Huhender globular cluster and the Strayrain galaxy alight and ensconced alirsent of the seventh frond of the Yuphibir supercluster. And it is notable because it is one of the whirliest places in the cosmos/universe/local puddle/what have you. It is so whirly (“how whirly is it, Mrs. Eigencosine?”) that it is sort of the cosmic interchange point for unstable chesterfield sofa disturbances. As you know, an unstable chesterfield sofa disturbance may link together many far distant events, and there have been reports of very tenuous travel between distant places and time using chesterfield sofa disturbances. When in their rest state, these chesterfield sofas usually flit to the shores of the Arritinbe, the Yelphrates, and the
    Mosphoembe. It is said that the inhabitants of the Nyphrealengbe Conurbation possess a strange notion of transience, when the sofa that you’re sitting on at the shores of a river may have, just five minutes ago, been in a wholly different cosmos, many trillions of planck-metaparasangs in the future and the past simultaneously, or in some frothy other-parsing of the whole sort of general mish mash, and that after they’ve departed from a lunchtime snack, it will flit away again, to another far distant shore in time and space.

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