“Night City” holiday card

This was possibly my most difficult card design project so far; it’s a new style for me so it was exciting, but also took several tries and was particularly difficult to reproduce. I had the idea to use the new abstract markmaking I’ve been working on to depict a city from the air as the […]

New Holiday Cards

I just finished adding my new cards to Etsy! I have three new designs this season, in addition to the winter stars design from last year and the Christmas tree map from the year before. Click on the images below to see their Etsy listings! If you’re local (and want to save on shipping!), I […]

“Somewhereville” at Bloc 11

Bloc 11 Cafe in Union Square is currently showing about 50 of my map drawings in a solo exhibition. The show’s title, “Somewhereville”, refers to the way that my maps are of everywhere and anywhere, and also references the connection my work has grown to have with Somerville, where I started my map art career. […]

Pumpkin Fascinator

Last summer I found the most amazing/hideous bright orange plastic bridesmaid’s dress (or, awful prom dress?) and it was immediately decided that I should wear it to be a pumpkin this Halloween. So I was excited about my costume for MONTHS, although somehow I neglected to plan out a suitable pumpkin-leaf headpiece to go with […]

Gel Transfer Mini Canvases

I was looking for new options for inexpensive and reproducible product options recently, and started playing around with transfer techniques, which I first learned about in intro art during freshman year. I was particularly interested in gel medium transfers, where you use acrylic gel medium to transfer the ink from a toner print-out onto another […]