"Somewhereville" Solo Exhibition at Bloc 11

I spent all evening on Wednesday working with the amazing art curator for Bloc 11 Cafe in Union, hanging what I just realized is my first real solo art show since college. It’s a lot bigger than that one was, too — there’s 44 pieces of my art on their walls right now, and when we finish hanging the last few pieces there will be over 50! Here’s some photos of the process:

The work in the show spans the three years I’ve been drawing maps — we were joking that it’s sort of a retrospective, though for a very new artist! I’ve also been hard at work in the last few weeks finishing several new pieces for the show. I’m especially excited about some new experiments on view in the vault area. I took scans of older map drawings and composited them together with line drawings made from photographs taken over the years to create digital collages that add narrative and texture to my work:

The exhibition runs through December 14, and there’s an opening reception on Sunday, December 2 from 5-7pm. If you’re in the area make sure to check it out! Here’s some more photos of what you’ll see:

New composites on display in the vault room:

 Matted small drawings hung in the hallway:

(we decided it was a performance piece, since they move
  when you walk down the hallway!)

Framed works in the main area: