Sketchbook Project 2018

It’s been three years since I last participated in the Sketchbook Project. In the meantime, my drawing styles have evolved and I’ve finally moved to New York, so it seemed like a good time to do another sketchbook.

The last sketchbook was an overview of my markmaking and how it was affected by my forays into coding; this time around I decided to focus my sketchbook on a particular style. Lately I’ve been using a technique that builds on itself in “quadrants” (video here) to develop rhythm and work larger.

Each page will follow a certain set of rules within the quadrant style. I’m planning to add the rules for each spread on the drawings at the end of the project as well:

Here’s some progress shots:

The sketchbook will be digitized after it’s submitted to Brooklyn Art Library.

Sketchbook Project

This year I’m participating in the Sketchbook Project, a program of the Brooklyn Art Library which houses all the sketchbooks of past participants; my sketchbook will also be digitized for view online.
I’ve been working on a number of new projects so far this year that aren’t conducive to sketchbooks, but I thought that would be a good reason to use the sketchbook as a kind of journal of how my markmaking changes over the course of doing those projects. I’ve already noticed that after starting to work with Processing, I’ve been drawing much more regular and geometric shapes. I don’t seem to have a shortage of new marks to add, luckily!
Update: My sketchbook is now digitized in full at
Below are my own photographs of some of my favorite spreads.
20150331-p3310108 20150331-p3310125 20150331-p3310123 20150331-p3310121 20150331-p3310118 20150331-p3310114
20150331-p3310130 20150331-p3310138 20150331-p3310133

New York mini residency

Over Thanksgiving I took about two weeks away from my home studio practice and set up a mini residency project. It was basically a residency dry-run: I was interested in figuring out what kinds of tools, materials and setup I’d need. I definitely learned a lot in that regard, and I also made some drawings that pushed my work in new directions.