Art Seen: Northampton in October

The works that drew me were almost entirely printmaking; the bulk of them were fascinating works from the Zea Mays biennial printmaking show at APE gallery.

Edda Valborg Sigurdardottir

This work caught my eye first because I’ve been thinking about stitching a lot lately. I like the installation–installed above body height, on a hanger.

Amanda Maciuba

Of course I had to spend some time with the map artwork! I like how straightforward and accessible the construction is. Her work fascinates me, and reminds me that after a certain point, all geographically-referencing map artwork is about climate change…

Louise Kohrman Martindell

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about small multiples and other works in which repetition implies change over time, or narrative, so these works caught my eye. In the wall text the artist mentioned that each specifically references an aspect of childbirth and family, so there’s an element of inscrutable datavis as well.

Nicola López

I ran across her work at the Smith art museum and was immediately obsessed. I love the detail, the content, the scale, all of it.

Mary Bauermeister

I liked the sorting in this piece in the museum, but I particularly liked what she had to say in the wall text. And her Wikipedia page (linked above) also introduced me to geomancy, which sounds like a fascinating historical combination of earth and algorithm.