1 thought on “Aqua City (Cityspace #169)

  1. Allenque-on-Tisionaphraia is positioned at the confluence of the Suhuno (to the south) and the Wercenthredel (to the east) and the Tisionaphraia (to the north) rivers.

    87 percent of the population is of Leafy-Green-Webbings-of-Glee stock.
    8 percent is of The-Unfrightenable-Lemon-of-Patience heritage
    the remainder consists of immigrants from Plenneck, Dalzines, Gembelliquines, and Stressiluaries.

    Allenque-on-Tisionaphraia is notable because Cerentha Swarzil-Lihey, a mathematician, invented the first known seven sided square here: because of a somewhat odd local gravitational metric tensor here, it is possible to construct three sided octagons, twelve sided pentagons, amongst other more surreal geometries, and Allenque-on-Tisionaphraia has made itself an industry of creating these strange shapes for export to foreign climes.

    Allenque-on-Tisionaphraia is now on a poorly explored part of the Herzsprung-Russell diagram for city development. It had become stable post-industrial with an active art and technology community when the consistent inconsistently sided shapes were discovered. On the whole, the population is happy: self determination is aggressive (any number of persons may actively and collectively be the parent of a biological child without having to cope with physical drama — a genome-gametic teleportation system has been used in this polity for a while) — and the population lives long and fruitfully, and is fortunate to be free of paralyzing epistemological conflicts.

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