Art seen: South End First Friday

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The other week I braved the weather and headed out to First Friday for the first time in a while. I got there really early, which ended up being great—the event can get pretty busy, even on a cold day in the middle of the winter, but I got to chat with artists individually. Some of the people I saw included:

Nedret Andre, whose artist statement really resonated with me. I love how her paintings have both landscape and map aspects at the same time. She was also friendly and had some really heartening things to say when I described my current responsibilities with Somerville Open Studios.

– I was shocked to experience being the only person in the Totally Wired Sculpture studio—that’s definitely never happened to me before. The artist Brian Murphy was offering some small heart-shaped sculptures to visitors for Valentine’s day, but I didn’t have the heart (haha) to just take one. I’m sure they all went by the end of the evening though.

– One of my favorite new art experiences that trip was at Galatea, which was showing Brenda van der Beek “Terrain of the Mind“. The title alone would attract me, but her drawings spoke on their own; it was very interesting that they were architectural but at the same time organic and freeform.

– I always like to check in with Marian Dioguardi, and her brightly colored studio was particularly engaging on a cold February evening!

The other gallery shows were also interesting, particularly Geoff Hargadon (“CA$H for YOUR WARHOL“) at Gallery Kayafas, although unfortunately I didn’t get to ask him in person about his Somerville Gates project.

It got cold, so we soon repaired to JJ Foley’s for some comfort food and the Olympics opening ceremonies. I’m definitely glad I braved the weather, and look forward to seeing more art this winter!