“Conversations” at Grace Chapel

My work will be on display at Grace Chapel Gallery in Lexington, MA as part of a collaboration with two other Artisan’s Asylum artists on the theme of fjords and natural formations. The title of the group show is “Conversations” and it will be on view through June 17. There will be an opening reception on May 18th from 4-6pm. Read on for more information about how the collaboration came about!


A month or so ago I was approached by Gretchen Greene, my neighbor at Artisan’s Asylum, about doing a collaboration for a particular exhibition. I see a lot of fractal landscape imagery in her metal wall sculptures, so I immediately thought of using her organic designs as the waterways for new maps. I took several photos of the pieces she was submitting for the show and got to work!

metalscape C image


This is a detail of the edge of one of the pieces Gretchen submitted. I printed out the photo, traced the outline onto watercolor paper, and filled it in with several coats of diluted sumi ink to create the drawing above. The other artist in the collaboration was working on a copper sculpture depicting the side view of a landscape inspired by Gretchen’s piece, so I colored in my houses using a copper-colored gouache tone to refer back to her piece.

The whole collaboration (my triptych, Gretchen’s large diptych and Cat Tweedie Ball‘s beautiful copper wall sculpture) will be on view through June 17 at the Grace Chapel Art Gallery in Lexington, MA.

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  1. WOW Emily. The results of the collaboration are wonderful! Very sorry I can’t see the real installation in the space. Please take photos and post – or let me know where there are any photos. Moving to AZ tomorrow. Still can’t believe it. Aunt Chris

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