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The Synapse Gathering

Celebrating Art and Science

The Synapse Gathering is a monthly(ish) meeting of folks living and working in the intersection of art and science — artists, scientists, technologists, and cross-disciplinary practitioners —around the world.

Who we are

Originally a project of the nonprofit SciArt Initiative, the Synapse Gathering has been run independently since 2023. The event is hosted and organized by artist Emily Garfield and communications strategist Vasudha Srinivasan. The meetup originally began as a weekly mixer in the back of a bar in Manhattan, and has subsequently been running virtually since 2020.

Partner with us

We’re excited to partner with organizations that share a mission with us. Do reach out at if you’re interested in working together!

Our Event

Following an open format, the gathering usually starts with some introductory networking, followed by guests suggesting different topics. These topics form the discussion groups for the second half of the event. An example of the road map of the event is below:


Secure your spot at our upcoming events. Come with curiosity and an open mind—we can promise you’ll learn something new!

Please note that earnest conversation and openness to dialogue is the expectation at this event. Participants may be asked to turn on their cameras. In the interest of a positive experience for all, disruptive participants can and will be booted.

Why Participate?

It might not seem hard to sell visitors on a free event, but packed schedules always seem to get in the way. That said, the main characteristic of the event is that it depends on its participants; the bottom line is, it won’t happen without you. So if any of the following applies to you, please RSVP to an upcoming event and help us make it happen!

People often join:

  • to meet other science/art practitioners in a casual networking environment
  • to practice describing what they do and what they’re looking for
  • to obtain artistic inspiration from hearing about others’ research
  • to learn from others about opportunities in sciart (including upcoming residencies and calls for papers)

We hope we’ll see you at the next event!