Sketching from life

I’ve been working in an abstract style for so long that I recently decided I needed to get back into drawing from life. Here are some sketches from my recent trip to New York.



I drew a lot on the train to and from Park Slope where I was catsitting. Here’s a guy who conveniently (for me) spent the whole trip covered in his sweatshirt. It’s a lot easier to draw someone who can’t see you.


These were from my little sketchbook, so there’s always a lot of notes and drawings on top of each other. It was actually hard to find pages that weren’t covered in to-dos.


Beer tap, on New Years’ Day. We went to a pub and watched soccer and ate shepherd’s pie, it was pretty perfect.

Most of the drawings that I do aren’t very good. But I’ve been trying really hard to get away from the compulsion to make only pretty things, and just draw what I see every so often. I’ve been focusing on rapid gesture drawings and value differences. It’s been fun!