Summer Art Events

I haven’t had much of a chance to post this summer because I’ve had so many things going on! Here are some photos from my craft fairs and art shows this summer:

PICNIC (Portland, ME)
I love this city, and it was great to have a chance to participate in an art event there in August. I shared a tent with Courtney Chelo, who works with found maps and collage. It turned out to be a perfect day to spend sitting in a park and talking about art.

My side of the tent:

My wonderful tent-mate and her work:
We were visited by an incredibly adorable corgi who belonged to one of the other vendors:

It turned out that there were THREE corgis at this event, all with similar coloring. Here’s two of them, being adorable:

In September I did the Boston Arts Festival again, which was fun, especially since the weather managed to hold out for the most part. I hung some more 18″x24″ drawings and included my new drypoint prints as well.

Surprisingly enough, there was another corgi at this event too!  


Immediately after Ahts I started preparing for RAW, which I’d never participated in or even gone to before. I’d seen the space, but it was still hard to know what to expect. We were summoned at 2pm for a 7pm start time, which I thought was a ridiculous amount of time to spend setting up (since I usually get to a fair about 30 minutes ahead of time…), but I ended up using the whole time, since my setup was entirely new to me.

 The venue was a nightclub which meant that there was basically no lighting. I used fairy lights to outline my space and a desk lamp so people could at least see a little detail. I was limited to what I could bring on the T, so I’m impressed that I managed to make a workable art space out of it at all.

My new mini map canvases, which are now available on Etsy:

The venue, with stage and dancefloor:

The art balcony, seen from the DJ booth:

A lot of visitors came through (but no corgis this time — I suppose they probably have a no dog policy):

All photos are courtesy K. Adam White, because he has a gorgeous camera and because I am too busy at these events to take any photos myself! Thank you Adam :)