New Consignors

Last week I had appointments every single day to either bring work to existing consignors or shop it to new ones, all over the greater Boston area. Many of the new stores were contacts from Arlington Open Studios, and everyone was looking to stock up for the holidays — I ended up seeing my holiday cards a lot earlier than I would have expected this year! Here’s a list of new stockists I’ve added and what they carry (in addition to Blue Cloud Gallery, 13Forest and Mobilia Gallery, which also received a new necklace this past week for their upcoming necklace show — more info to come!):

Cambridge Artist’s Cooperative
Harvard Square
– A wonderful coop gallery on Church Street in Harvard, showing the work of many local artists. They currently have a selection of my imaginary map cards.

Brookline Village
– Part bead/jewelry supply store and part jewelry/wearables/housewares boutique. They currently have some of my pendants and stud earrings as well as holiday cards and Boston area map cards.

Bestsellers Books
Medford Square
– A really lovely little bookstore/cafe that recently reopened on High Street in Medford Square. They have holiday cards (from all three years!), Boston area map cards and a small selection of imaginary map cards.

Artful Heart Gallery
Arlington Center
– A beautiful gallery space right at the beginning of Broadway that shows jewelry, wearables and art by local artists. They currently have a selection of earrings as well as pendants.

Note that the cards in most of these locations (along with Blue Cloud Gallery in Ball Square and 13Forest Gallery in Arlington) are exactly the same unit retail price as on Etsy (and at my craft fairs), so if you’re local and looking for a card you can skip Etsy’s shipping fees by shopping at any of these retailers instead! The next craft fair on my schedule isn’t until mid-December, so keep these locations in mind if you have any card needs (including holiday cards!) before then.