MICE (Mass. Independent Comics Expo)

The weekend before last we had a whirlwind Saturday in which I managed to attend two art receptions (in two different cities!), one comics expo, one pop-up porch concert, one startup planning meeting and one street fair celebrating the invention of marshmallow fluff (seriously, also not in that order). Oh, and all of this by bike. It was quite an achievement, and I have the massive bruises to show for it.

The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo is an annual celebration of indie comics, graphic novels and zines that has been around since I moved to the area, but this was the first year that I made it over. I was actually surprised how most of the projects I saw were relatively similar (traditional graphic novel or manga style books with relatively humanoid characters, panels and text bubbles). I was hoping for some more alternative or zine-style projects that went outside the box. There was one table with a project that caught my eye — it was a compendium of artists who use comic media and poetry in their work, and there was a lot of creative storytelling and visuals. I also became enamored of the work of __ at that table as well. He draws really poetic, cropped vignettes and even explores some abstract drawing.

Aside from experiencing interesting indie comics, I was looking forward to finding at MICE some inspiration for my own book idea. I’d like to put together a book with my map drawings that takes quotes from