Leaf Hairclips

For last Somerville Open Studios I was focused on creating something new that had a different look with entirely handmade elements. I ended up creating a few larger hair clips that incorporated fabric flowers and hand-sewn felt leaves. The leaves were crafted by sewing over and over on small leaf-shaped pieces of synthetic felt, which bunched the fibers (almost like felting, even though it’s not wool) and gave the leaf dimension and texture.

[sewing photo]
[leaves photo]
[clips close-up]

I recently came back to this technique and made a slew of leaves in different color combinations. I’ve posted the results on Etsy; I also dropped off a selection at Blue Cloud Gallery in Ball Square, Somerville, so do stop by if you’re in the area. In addition to these leaf hairclips, they also carry my singed flower earrings, pendants and studs, as well as holiday and Somerville cards